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Oh Hey there....

Welcome to Inked & Organized

Inked and Organized was started to combine my passions of creative thinking and desire to work in a variety of industries with my natural organizational skills and project management background.


The result: a marketing company dedicated to working alongside other entrepreneurs and businesses to help them get organized, run their business better and achieve growth and success. 

Our Company Values


We have 100% commitment to bringing the best to the table with every client, every time. No matter what the size of the project, we are dedicated to providing top-notch service, 100% of the time. 


We are passionate about what we do. We are passionate about the partnerships we build. And we are passionate about delivering above and beyond for our clients. 


We know that each of our clients is unique and we are committed to bringing a fresh and new perspective to each and every business we work with. 


We value equality, inclusion, and dignity for all. We seek to create partnerships in business and within the community that support, respect, and help promote the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. 

Our Capabilities

Business Dev.png
Event Planning.png
Content Writing.png

Some of our Marketing Services:

  • Strategy

  • Social Media

  • Email Marketing

  • SEO

Some of our Business Development Services:

  • Project Management

  • CRM

  • Process Automation

Some of our Event Planning Services:

  • Virtual Events

  • Corporate Events

  • Fundraisers

  • Conferences

Some of our Content Writing Services:

  • Website Content

  • Blog Writing

  • Product Descriptions

About the Owner


Kelsey Wangler


I consider myself to be a unique blend of right brain and left brain. 

To the right

To the right, we have the “Inked” side. I have a deep appreciation and passion for creativity (the word is even tattooed on my arm!). I truly value coming up with imaginative ideas for my clients and thinking outside the box to bring ideas to life. In my personal life, all you have to do is follow my ever-changing home design to see that dedication to creativity drives not only my professional life but also my personal life. 

To the left

To the left, we have the “Organized” side. I’ve always self-identified as a “Type A” personality. People who know me well know my deep affection for planners, coloured pens, and post-it notes. Organization runs through my veins. For my business, that means staying on top of projects, impeccable email management, and commonly exceeding timelines. For my husband, that means categorized grocery shopping lists, colour-coded bookshelves, and custom organizational labels. 


Just some fun facts

I love tattoos

This shouldn't really be a surprise.  Currently, I have over 20 tattoos and have been tattooed in 4 different countries. Yes, I understand that when I’m older they might not look the same. No, I don’t care.


I love to travel

Travel is my favorite hobby. I try to take a few trips every year. Have visited: Thailand, Germany, Ecuador, and more. Next on the list: Norway, Amsterdam, and Croatia.


I love dogs

I am a dog lover and Pitbull advocate. I love all dogs, but meeting my partner’s Pitbull and then becoming an owner myself, I’ve never known such deep love from an animal as I do with Pitbulls. Today, we have two pibbles. Do they look scary? Sometimes. Are they the biggest sucks you’ll ever meet? You have no idea.


I love food

Food is my second favorite hobby. There’s not much I love more than exploring new restaurants and frequently visiting my favorites. Edmonton’s food scene has some amazing gems, my favorites: Fox Burger and Woodwork



We'd love to hear from you


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