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Let us help with your business development needs.

Business Development captures the ideas, initiatives, and activities that work to make a business better. This can encapsulate many different areas depending on what industry your business is in, the size of your company, or how your organization is structured. However, all of our business development services are aimed at helping make your business better. 

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What Business Development Services  

are you looking for?

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Why hire Inked &  

Organized for your business development needs?

Working with businesses to improve their operations is one of our passions at Inked & Organized. We’ve worked with numerous organizations to help improve their businesses to facilitate growth. Whether implementing new organizational methods and technologies, assisting with project management needs, or strategizing business operational restructuring, we can help identify problem areas within your organization and implement solutions. 

Running a business, from one-person operations to large corporations, is challenging. There are times when bringing in an outside professional can help pinpoint opportunities for improvement or growth within your company that might be difficult to spot on your own. Or perhaps, you know exactly which areas of your business could use a boost and you need assistance implementing those upgrades. Inked & Organized Business Development services are perfect if you’re looking to improve, grow, and perfect your business.  

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Business Organization Services

Organization is right in our business name, that’s how great we are at it and how passionate we are about sharing our skills with our clients. We can help your business implement the necessary organizational tools to help you focus on what you do best, running your business. Some of our top organization services include:

  • Project & Task Management Software Implementation and Training

    • ​This is perfect for businesses needing help “staying on top” of everything that needs to be done. We can help find solutions for managing daily tasks, keeping track of client communications, coordinating monthly billings, and so much more.

  • CRM Implementation & Training

    • ​If you operate a business that relies on client retention, having a CRM is essential. Yet, we are always so surprised to find out how many businesses are operating with outdated excel sheets or even paper client records. Having a CRM can help with the organization of client data, improve customer retention, and open up endless opportunities for future business with your already existing clients. 

Business Growth & Improvement Services

You’ve made it through your first few years of business, congratulations! Now it’s time to hone in and fine-tune your company to improve and grow. From making your processes easier and more efficient in identifying areas of opportunity to grow your business and implementing strategies that facilitate this growth, Inked & Organized can help. 

  • Process Automation

    • We will help identify areas of your business that save you time (and potentially money) by finding automation solutions. These solutions could include automated communication with leads and clients, appointment booking solutions that remove the need for manual scheduling, and so much more. 

  • Change Management

    • ​Implementing organizational change can be difficult. Our change management services assist in the four key areas of implementing changes in business: understanding, planning, implementation, and communication. We’ll be there throughout the whole process to help your company successfully implement change. 


Other Business Development Services

Business Development is ultimately any initiative or activity that is geared towards improving your business. Have something in mind that you need help with? Let us know! We’re happy to customize our services to meet your needs. Some of our other services that are popular include:


  • Project Management

    • ​If you have a project that you are working on but need assistance ensuring all of the parties involved are in line and all of the necessary tasks are completed, we can help with our Project Management services.  We can come in at the start, or even in the middle, of a project to ensure everything is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Virtual Business Assistance​

    • ​Have a one off task that you need help with? Having trouble managing your email inbox? Our Virtual Business Assistance services can help you cross tasks off your to do list (or help create a to-do list) to help you organize and focus on your business. 


Other Services


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About Us

Inked and Organized was started to combine my passions of creative thinking and desire to work in a variety of industries with my natural organizational skills and project management background. 

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