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Let us help with your event planning needs.

Planning an event for your organization can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are so many details to keep track of and items that need to be dealt with. It’s a time-consuming task that requires someone who is keenly organized and has the ability to keep calm under pressure. If you’re looking for assistance planning your next event, Inked & Organized can help!

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Why hire Inked &  

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event planning?

With over 10 years of experience in the events and marketing industry, we know events. With experience planning numerous types of events including silent auctions, product launches, fashion shows, grand openings, holiday parties, and conferences, we’ve seen it all and know how to help your event see success. Whether you need help pulling off your yearly event or are looking to throw a brand new event, we’re here to help. 

Planning an event involves many different aspects, from research and planning to event execution and follow-up, there are many moving parts. Organization is key to your event success and Inked and Organized are masters at event planning organization and coordination. Whether you’re throwing an event for 5 or 5,000, we’re here to be your event planning masterminds. 

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Event Ideation, Research, and Planning

If you’re just starting your event planning process, this is a great time to bring us on board. We can help you sort through your ideas and come up with a complete event plan. Initial event planning tasks include venue research, insurance needs, capacity numbers, traffic flow, potential vendor partnership needs, sponsorship opportunities, and many other items. Our experience planning over a decade of events means we know every detail that needs to be covered for your event. 

Our planning services can help you come up with an “event blueprint” that you can take back to your team to help get your event off the ground or to ensure that each year you can throw a successful event without missing any details.  

Virtual Events

Nowadays, virtual events are more and more common. Whether it’s live streaming a concert or hosting a virtual conference, the world of throwing a virtual event has opened up. We can help make sure your first virtual event goes off without a hitch. We’ll help make sure you have the right platform, hosting capacity, and security measures in place for all of your virtual guests to experience a seamless event experience and we’ll be right alongside in case we have to deal with any technology bumps along the way. 


If you’ve planned to have your event virtual from the start or you need to adapt the mid-planning process to shift on to an online event structure, Inked & Organized can help ensure you throw a successful virtual event, whatever your event plan is!

Corporate Functions & Team Training

If you don’t have an internal team member within your organization to help with planning your corporate event needs, our event planners are a great resource to help. We can help throw staff appreciation events, friends and family functions, or corporate retreats. We can also assist with your team training needs. Whether you’re looking for virtual or in-person training, we can take your plans to reality with our event planning services. 

Fundraisers & Galas

Throwing a successful fundraiser can be intimidating. From ensuring your guests and sponsors have a great experience to reaching and exceeding your fundraising goals, there are lots of details to stay on top of. We’ve worked with a number of non-profits to help them with their fundraising success. We’ve helped plan silent auctions, live auctions, fun races, bike rides, hypnotist nights, and many others. 


Or perhaps you are looking to throw a gala for your board, members, or donors. We can help pick a theme, organize activities, and select food and decor to give your audience a memorable experience and make them feel appreciated and valued.

Other Events

Looking to throw some other type of event? Not to worry. We can help. We’ve had experience in planning all sorts of events and if you have an idea, we can help bring your event to life. From planning and logistics to set-up and coordination, Inked & Organized will ensure your event is planned and every detail is taken care of. 

Fashion Shows, Product Launches, Store Openings, Trade Shows, Conferences, Holiday Parties


About Us

Inked and Organized was started to combine my passions of creative thinking and desire to work in a variety of industries with my natural organizational skills and project management background. 

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